Since 1999, NextMedia has grown to become a key player in the radio industry with 33 radio stations operating in 8 states.

NextMedia Radio Markets

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Americans are big fans of Radio! Despite increasing demands on our time from all quarters – and despite ever-expanding media choices – an impressive 92 percent of all Americans age 12 and older tune in to Radio for information, entertainment or discussion over the course of each and every week! There are more Radios in circulation than television sets or daily newspapers.

Advantages of Radio:

  • Reach – Radio is a reach medium...allowing you to reach an enormous amount of consumers with your commercials.  Reach and Frequency combined makes Radio a POWERFUL advertising medium. 
  • Immediacy & Urgency – Radio is the closest to the “point of purchase” of all major media and delivers immediacy to drive consumers. “Buy Now”.
  • Timing & Location – Radio reaches customers EVERYWHERE! Cars, Offices, Homes. It is the “at work” medium and the “on the go” medium -  reaching the Bay Area’s active adults, and your best prospects, all day long.
  • Flexibility – Creative revisions can be done to accommodate the changes in any business.
    Consistency – Radio’s audience is consistent.
  • Cost Effectiveness – You can afford to deliver your message with frequency. You can reach your target customer/audience several times a week for what it costs to run 1 print ad or to produce a local TV spot. Repetition sells!
  • Education – Radio allows you to educate consumers about your product/services and clear up misconceptions.
  • Stand Out – Radio allows local or regional advertisers to have the same big sound as the national advertising. And without all the cookie-cutter-clutter, your strategic advertising message stands out.
  • Engaging – Listeners feel connected to their radio station. Radio is emotional, persuasive, intrusive. People buy EMOTIONALLY and justify LOGICALLY and are more open to messages in an environment they feel a part of.   
  • Build Image – Build image, name awareness, and prestige for your company through radio. It also partners well with and extends the reach of all other advertising.